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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by tugboat, Jul 14, 2013.

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    Some people are boaters, they buy boats and fix and go, some are builders they build and don't really go, the others are dreamers, they dream about the perfect boat and never do anything but dream, decide which you are and go for it. I built my Bristol Channel Cutter in 18 months in a boatyard that an older gentleman had built a 60+ concrete boat, right down to the salt and pepper shakers, he was a boat builder not really a boater, which are you
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    I am definitely the boater...good inspiration. Thanks Would like to know more about the guy doing the cement boat.

    . I have been watching this guy on YouTube build a 74 ft steel origami vessel. Now this guy is a builder.
    HE is tool rich for sure and I admire his fortitude and ingenuity. He has taught himself everything that he needed and probably has spent the costs of having his hull built just in tooling. but he is fulfilled. I question what he is going to do when its done. For me I just want to get on the water but I'm boat proud- meaning I fall in love with a particular design.
    I've built 7 boats now and the joy for me is standing on the deck of my boat being close to the water...travelling etc.

    how about you?. Its a good question..

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    The hiss of steam is captivating, but as you say, uneconomic. Under the carbon tax regimes of today, it has no hope.
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