Building parts with a flat (not glossy) finish from mold

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Hatfield32804, Nov 8, 2021.

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    You may try sanding with 400 grit on a DA, this can give an acceptable finish on some colors.

    A clear non gloss finish over the gel coat isn't very difficult to apply.

    I was just discussing this with a customer last week. He couldn't hire enough people to sand the parts and paint them, plus sand paper and labor is expensive.

    Or buy cheap gel coat, it will quickly lose its gloss
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  2. Hatfield32804
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    Thanks for the suggestion on this.

    Spoke to technical team at Miller Stephenson this morning.

    They recommended their “ReleasysDFX “ product for this application.

    Considering the time/material that would be saved by pulling parts that don’t require secondary finish work the costs of product were not bad. To make it even better, the manufacturer is sending a product sample at no charge.

    I will make a couple test panels.

    1) Sand surface with DA with 400 grit. Apply wax, followed by gelcoat and a couple layers csm

    2) Sand surface with DA with 600 grit, wax, gel and mat

    3) scuff surface with maroon scotch bright, wax, gel and mat

    4) Apply releasysDFX per manufacturers specs, gelcoat and mat.

    If there are any other suggestions that seem to make sense over next few days from the community here I will add to the list.

    I will post photos of each once complete.

    Appreciate the assistance guys.
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    Have you seen the mat paint earth colors on custom motorcycles? Matte green and matte orange. Matte black is common in custom cars.

    Since this is a duck boat, you don't want any reflections. Like they say, paint every pea picking part. Except the propeller of course.:)
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    Mat or shine is only a question of customer bias, the ducks are unimpressed either way, they see in the UV spectrum and could not care less.
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    As a former duck hunter, I can tell you reflective shine keeps them from landing. I stopped hunting them cuz I like the corn fed version so much more.
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  6. Hatfield32804
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    I would agree with you on this.

    One of the guys who hunts with us feels the exact opposite. Says a glossy/reflective surface would best match surrounding water and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

    Whatever gets ducks on the water, right?
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