Building New Bruce Roberts Euro2600...

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by EURO2600, Feb 12, 2010.

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    bruce Roberts is a good designer with detailed step by step instructions on the whole thing from the a smalltime fabricator & my FIRST boat build was a Roberts 40 ` him up & ask him your time estimates ..he`ll tell you how many men & hours & provide u with a takeokk of all materials..that guys got it down to a science & you can find him on his website & he`ll be happy to talk to you as a potential customer least he did for me...just follow the directions & youll be fine ..its a kit
  2. Oceanna
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    EURO 2600

    1. Steel project. New construction at $14,000.000 of US Dollars

    2. Aluminum project. New construction at $12,000,000 of US Dollars

    3. Composite project. New construction. at $9,000,000 of US Dollars

    4. Hiring man-power to build Just Labors cost. $3,000,000 to finish a project

    5. Material Cost deference orders. Algrip System or Alex Seal, Interlux etc...

    6. Hiring Sub-Contractor. $35 up to $55 per Hours. plus Material orders
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    Thats 12 million dollars - I dont think so -

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    Thats a bit need to be bid ten million and throw in a free tank of fuel.
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