building new amas/floats from recycled beachcat hulls

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    Weight has all sorts of issues so tortured ply would have been ideal with a couple of layers of mat. I'm pretty sure it was suggested before I started. It is a case of affordability , fibreglass familiarity, longevity wanting to recycle and pig headedness.

    H18 hulls are supposedly 45kgs when new ,mine were possibly closer to 60kgs 137lbs I think. The deck join / gunwales are heavy and thick.
    These new hulls are 21 1/2ft long with 1/3 more volume than H18 with quite strong cases for the dagger boards, I've read of Buccaneer floats being a similar weight, 220lbs/ 100kgs, the owner wasn't that thrilled though.
    I'll be taking pictures as I go. I was counting what I have so far as 8, 2 for each amas connection, I'm adding 1 more for each. It will horrify/ make sense with pictures .
    Overall it isn't very heavy compared to other trimarans, this boat will easily take your weight and we can ram a partially sunken container without sinking..ha..err. By the time its finished they will probably have found a vaccine so you're welcome.
    It is pretty light because the cabins are coffin sized and no other trimaran was prepared to make that compromise unless it was/ is a racing boat.
    An F22 is 1300lbs 590kgs empty, Crowther 25 Buccaneer 910kgs/2006lbs. An F25a is considered a cruiser if it weighs in over 1250kgs.

    The weight I am adding is the equivalent of an average height person, 80kgs 176 lbs.
    But to be honest I won't know the final weight until it is finished and weighed, if I can't sail faster than a light F25 with my hobie 18 rig I wont be surprised. I'll be more disappointed if I can't close haul well and its behaviour isn't seakindly, that is more important for how I plan to cruise.
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