Building a very cheap Pontoon Boat ?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by bernhardusa, Sep 16, 2007.

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    bernhardusa Junior Member

    Hello friends !

    This is my first post here, and I wanted to ask all of you, one question:

    How can I build my own Pontoon Boat, as cheap as possible ?

    I know this questions isn't very easy to answer, and it includes several sub-questions. I was looking for some tutorials about that, ideas, plans, and general informations - so I would have an idea about the materials, the opertunities, the time frame, the equipment I do need and much more.

    Is there any guide or tutorial that describes this way ?
    Videos, CD's or any book I can buy to understand the process ?

    How much do you think would it coast, to build the own Pontoon boat, without the motor ?

    Hmm, about the size, I only know, that it would be great, if 7 adult persons, can be on board (maximum).....

    ok, so long so good, thank you very much for every little help and suggestions,
    I really appreciate that,

  2. marshmat
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    Firstly, welcome aboard :)
    "As cheap as possible" brings to mind an old "Red Green's Handyman Corner" in which a one-person pontoon boat, complete with reclining green La-Z-Boy helm chair, was built out of furnace ducts and garage sale junk. The seaworthiness of such a craft is of course questionable at best, and I can only imagine the looks you'd get from the Coast Guard patrols.
    For 7 people in a typical pontoon boat I think you'd be looking at 5.5 to 6 metres long, about 18 feet.
    How handy are you with metal/wood working? And what kind of a tradeoff between seaworthy, cheap, and looks-good vs. looks-like-garbage are you thinking of?
  3. bernhardusa
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    bernhardusa Junior Member

    Thank you for your reply.

    Hmm, well, let me say, without the motor, between 2.000 and 3.000 USD.
    I could find alos some Kit's but don't know how much it cost, couldn't find any prices online...

    I am not sure, I also could find some older Pontoon boats, selling about 3.000 USD, but I don't know what makes more work, and more sense...

    I don't need a very cool looking pontoon boat, it should only fit for the purpose, so swim on a calm lake, not really fast, and bring me from one point to another with some friends of mine....

    thx a lot,
  4. KnottyBuoyz
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    KnottyBuoyz Provocateur & Raconteur

    Try these guys.

    You can pick and choose what you need (afford) to get you going then add options later. They have US dealers too. No pricing on their site (that I could find) so you'd have to call or locate one of the US dealers.

  5. Pericles
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