Building a steel boat from a kit

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by stickytoria, Sep 8, 2018.

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    I am new to this and need some advise. I am looking into building a steel boat from a kit. I was looking for advise on where to go to source this and what sort of costs am I looking at. I would ideally like to build a motor cruiser 46 foot max.. Any info would be most appreciated. I have been to Bruce Roberts plans which I am interested in but I need to know the cost of the steel for this before I buy the plans. has anyone done this and can give me an idea as to the cost of the steel for one of these plans for my desired length. or any sites where I can buy a kit where the steel is already cut for me.
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    HI James

    I am in kent in the UK.
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    There is a chap on the YBW Mobo Forum in England - Motor Boat Forum
    who has been doing exactly what you are proposing. Except he hasn't posted an update for some time, and I have forgotten his forum name.

    However he is a professional welder, doing saturation diving / welding on oil rigs - if you ask a question on the Mobo forum someone there will know him for sure.
    He bought a kit of CNC plasma cut steel parts from a supplier in Holland a couple of years ago for a semi-displacement motor boat about 45' long, and started documenting the build process in posts on the Forum.
    I remember that he was very impressed by the accuracy of the kit, and all the parts arrived shotblasted and primed - it was then just a case of putting the jig-saw together with tack welds.
    I think that one reason why he hasn't posted in a while is due to the downturn in the offshore oil industry, and he is having to work longer shifts overseas to earn what he did before.
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    Hi Bajan thanks for the help here.

    i have been onto Bruce Roberts and been in touch with them they have quoted me for the complete structure kit around £26000 they deliver from Holland so may be the same people.

    Hopefully I can start a page with my construction story soon.

    thanks fo all your help.
    Watch this space as they say!!

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    Id like to see your build documented. There are a few well documented builds to watch or follow out there but not enough in my opinion. With all the different mediums and build techniques, there is certainly a need for more. here is one I stumbled across the other day doing what you're talking about in case you hadn't seen it yet.

    I knew I did not want an old wore out boat, but now at 53 was not interested in spending 3 to 5 years building from scratch so I bought one that had a lot of new parts, but needed hull work done badly. So bad in fact that I wouldn't even sea trial it before I bought it. It allowed me to get a great deal on a boat. The hull in the end is one of the least expensive parts as a whole. Even if I ended up buying a kit, and start over, Im way ahead as I have everything else I need to put one together.
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