Building a sole from untreated wood for alu boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by member 67720, Aug 11, 2019.

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  1. member 67720

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    Hi Im looking to build a quick and cheep sole for my aluminium boat. Im planing to just use untreated wood painted with some linseed oil to give some more years.

    I have had some corrosion problem with treated wood, can untreated wood and linseed oil have bad effect on aluminium?
  2. Mr Efficiency
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    Linseed oil isn't going to react with aluminium that I know of, but the thing to watch for is poultice corrosion, where you have surfaces in direct contact with the metal, but are damp more or less permanently. The best solution I think, would be to have the alloy surfaces that will be in such contact, properly painted before installing the sole, providing a barrier. Linseed oil in the climate I live in, is apt to get mouldy, and not give much protection against UV, but in Oslo, a different matter, in all likelihood.
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    Are you making duckboards?
    If so, rot resistant lumber like teak works well, and doesn’t require any treatment.
    There’s also many variations of composite boards that would work, though they generally require stout framing.

  4. Deering
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    Pressure treated wood often has copper in it, which is a no-no for aluminum boats. Linseed oil should be fine. If you’re thinking plywood, I’d recommend at least stepping up to marine ply. It’ll give you a couple more years before delaminating. And provide plenty of ventilation.
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