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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mgriffin, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. mgriffin

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    No I haven't started anything yet. I am going to soon though. I bought Plans for the WeeVee boat today and I am just waiting for them to arrive via shipping. Oh yeah, Ihave relatives in Houstan. My Uncle lives there. I've been to Houstan before.
  2. mgriffin

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    Forgot to tell you guys, we're going to drop internet soon, like when summer break begins. Oh yeah, also, I installed XP on my computer, MAN!!! my computer goes super fast! I used to wait at least 10 seconds to open a new tab, but now it does it in a split second!
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    john zimmerlee Junior Member

    Building a Small Boat - done that

    Sound like you wrote the design criteria for my project.

    You can see it at

    John Zimmerlee
  4. rwatson
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    Try Windows Ultimate - Vista 64, makes XP look like a dog.

    Firefox is a lot faster than Explorer if you feel like trying it

    What did you mean "we're going to drop internet soon" ?

    Are you moving to the moon? :)
  5. mgriffin

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    NO!!!! My parents are cutting internet soon!!
    I had firefox once....
  6. pistnbroke
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    pistnbroke I try

    Why ?
  7. Rangerspeedboat
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    Rangerspeedboat Senior Member

    Probably to save money.

    If your going to build a boat, build it for speed. Once you get out on the water, you have this urge to go faster.
  8. mgriffin

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    To pistnbrk: I HAD firefox once but my mom deleted for sum stupid reason.
    To Ranger: If I could afford speed, I would probably buy it.
  9. Rangerspeedboat
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    Rangerspeedboat Senior Member

    Cheap speed. Unheard of right?

    Heres what I'm doing, building a small but fast boat out of cheap wood. I got an old mercury 4.5 that seized up at an outboard junkyard for 20 bucks. I have an old 4 hp toro lawnmower motor that the self propelled mechanism stopped working. I'm going to get the lower unit, chop it up and mount it to the bottom of the boat going up. Then couple the Toro motor to it with a coupler From McMaster Carr. The price for building the boat as of yet is just 20 bucks, but I'm not done. I still need the coupler, and fibreglass for water proofing the boat. That should not cost much. Maybe a total around 100 bucks, thats with free wood. oh yeah, and a rudder.

    I'm sorry if I'm pushing speed, but I have a lead foot.
  10. mgriffin

    mgriffin Previous Member

    I love pedal to the metal too, so after I get tired of my boat I'm gonna build a half-scale (maybe half scale, maybe 3/4 scale) Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik attack plane. In my opinion, it's the best airplane to take to the skies. I was introduced to the airplane via a computer game called IL2 Sturmovik. Ever since I have been able to shoot down a Me-262 jet fighter with the one series (the one series is the one in the pic. below and it was the first one made). Ya don't believe me? Oh yeah, It was on hard (like real life, lim. ammo, no external veiws..etc.... The only thing I had on was icons, to show you it was an Me-262). I have managed to land in it (very hard, WAYYYYY harder than you think) and I have shot down other airplanes, blew up vehicles etc...I can even take off in it which is way easier than landing. I can't upload the pictures because it says they are invalid files. DANG!!!
  11. Rangerspeedboat
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    Rangerspeedboat Senior Member

    An airplane is much more complicated than a boat, but if I was going to build one it would be the Later model P-51 Mustang.
  12. ben2go
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    ben2go Boat Builder Wanna Be

    I like the KR2S but If money was no object it would be a basic Glasair I with an O-320.I flew a decked out Glasair I with retractable landing gear and fell in love with that aircraft.

    Sorry to stray off topic.
  13. mgriffin

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    I know how complicated they are. By the time I build it, I will be 18-16 years old.
  14. mgriffin

    mgriffin Previous Member

    Oh yeah, and I once read a book about homebuilt airplanes.

  15. apex1

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