building a hartley 16 in glued lapstrake

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by peterchech, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Got the plans for a TS16. I was thinking to modify it a bit, rounding the chines and building in 6mm or 9mm glued lapstrake. Class rules don't matter to me, I live in New York and am just looking for a fun trailable daysailor with a cabin that will fit in my 20ftx10ft garage.


    I know s&g is easier, but I reallyt want to build a glued lapstrake hull and the ts16 fits my needs sooooooo well...

    If the ts16 can't easily be adapted to lapstrake, are there other lapstrake designs that have decent performance, fit in my smallish garage and have a reasonably sized cabin/cuddy that a 6' tall man and his girl can overnight in?
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    No, you can't adapt the design to glued lap, at least not as a round bilge. You can't "tuck" or round in the chine and expect her to have the same displacement, fore and aft trim or submersed volume arrangement. Altering these features will typically adversely affect the design, unless you have considerable skill moving the immersed volume of the hull around, to provide similar sailing lines as previously displayed in a Hartley 16. If you do have the yacht design understanding to reorient the underwater areas to maintain the balance of the TS-16, then this post would seem a moot point.

    There are quite a few lapstrake designs that offer preformance. You may want to look around at the choices a little longer, to get just what you need. This is always the wise choice, because anyone can build a yacht they'll hate to own, but a wise man will carefully select his project to suit his desires, so he loves the end result, rather then have regrets.

    I have a two different 16' pocket cruisers that may fit your needs, contact me through email.
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