building a hardtop/flybridge in Southern Maine

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    Anyone up for building a hardtop/flybridge for a 44 ft tourboat out of plywood & fiberglass?

    The hardtop will be 12 ft wide by about 40 ft long

    We are seeking Buyers, Investors or Working Partners for our Charter Boat business.

    Complete infrastructure in place.44 ft 49 Passenger USCG Documented Boat!, Commercial moorings,

    Location, Licenses, Advertising, Dinghy's, Safety Equipment, Fishing equipments, etc for a multi-boat operation.

    We are looking for talented reliable people to syndicate a Charter/ Guide /Tour boat fishing/sightseeing business in Saco, Maine.

    Are you looking to invest in a business passive investment or as a working partner. Would you like to be able to offer your business associates and customers a unique reward! Take them on a cruise while doing business

    If your a Licensed USCG Captain or Maine Guide or have always wanted to earn your license this could be perfect for you.

    As long as you have the desire and commitment we can train you..

    Capt Walt

    here are some pictures
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