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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Rollbar, Oct 4, 2019.

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    Looking to build a Sailboat like the Goat Island Skiff (link below).

    1. Looking for a open cockpit.
    2. Looking for a 18' (if possible-two people).
    3. Looking for at least 6'-6.5' beam at the mid/stern and able to beach the boat.
    4. Looking for a single mast.
    5. Looking for stability, not speed.
    -I was also looking at Spira's 24' (reduce it down some) Sharpie, but it weighs 1400lbs and I'm thinking I can only shave off maybe 200lbs at that is what I'm thinking.
    -I did find The Sharpie Book by Reuel B. Parker, but to me, seems to bulky/looks heavy (couldn't fine a weight to it) and not sure the plans in the book are readable so I would just buy the plans outright if I had to go that route.
    -The Goat Island Skiff (for example) fits, but for my needs is just to narrow).
    Thanks for the help,
    West Coast, Fla
    Goat Island Skiff Plans
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