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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Trapper99, Sep 26, 2017.

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    The wife and I have a goal in about 5 years from now setting sail on a boat we build ourselves. Construction would begin in about a years time. My dilemma is, I live in Central Ohio so not exactly close to the ocean.

    I have pretty much limited it down to two choices: a Waller 1200 or a custom (yet to be designed) demountable cat with two hulls and bridgedeck that can be assembled in a month or so at the launch site. The latter option needs to be able to be assembled fairly quickly, as building the hulls and bridgedeck and then joining them on site, then doing 2 years worth of work isn't possible. The general idea is two similar hulls, joined by 3 alloy beams (aft, mid, bow) with a separate bridgedeck that bolts to the top of the aft and mid beams. I envision all three sections to be prewired with all electric and plumbing connections running to a sealed compartment to be joined. I'm thinking a galley down design would make this alot easier so plumbing isn't needed on the bridgedeck, just a water line to supply the other hull. One of the biggest issues I see is properly sealing the joints between the bridgedeck and the hulls.

    The other option is to build the Waller 1200 and have it trucked about 100 miles to Cincinnati where it can be launched into the Ohio River. From there inland rivers and canals can reach the Gulf of Mexico. Who knows how expensive that would be though.

    One of the reasons I have chosen the Waller is I have a CNC router, and it comes with files. I am also in process of gathering information about the Barefoot 40 or Raku 43, but is it worth pursing a 3 piece cat?
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    I hope there are other reasons than just getting CNC files for choosing a design. Have you seen my 34ft Romany design, in particular this website building Richard Woods Romany Catamaran
    and FB page Jeff Ilse

    Worth contacting him whatever boat you build

    More on Romany here Sailing Catamarans - Romany - 10.5m cruiser with central cuddy

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs
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