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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Brazil Boats, May 7, 2003.

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    My name is Don Brunton. I would like to invite people with boat projects to consider our facilities. We specialize in `one-offs´ in epoxi/wood. Our last projet was a 62´power/sail cat now running tours in Rio (see: The dollar is more than three to one here. We have any and all materials one could imagine produced here. We have the finest timbers and plywoods. Any client would enjoy free board here at my B&B thoughout the course of the project (contract to launch) and have use of our 36´ketch (break-times) (see:
    I learned my trade on the coast of Maine, where I grew up. The Brazilians who work with me are well trained. In short, given proper financing, we can build just about anything that floats at a fraction of the U.S./ European prices.
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    The supercat1 on the web page appeared outstanding. The cabin is the wide connecting bridge between the two hulls. The hull shape is conventional. The air gap is little to clear wave washes. What sea state is this boat intended for? Do you experienced water slamming on the cabin bottom, if you have single skin wetdeck?

    A great boat for pleasure rides in shoreline sightseeing trips.!!!

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    Hi Peter,
    Yes, this particular boat was designed to carry up to 120 day-tripers in the sheltered waters of of the Rio/Sao Paulo region. However she has made various open water transits without problems. You can reach me directly at:

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    Don, I am looking to establish arrangements for tooling and production work.

    I am developing a line of one-design class racing dinghies and want to begin producing Snipes and Optimist Dinghies.

    The Snipes would be cold moulded plywood construction utilising Cedar veneers and WEST type construction.

    Optimist Dinghies are built from e-glass and polyester resin utilising a female mold.

    Please let me know of your interest and thoughts concerning this.

    Eldon Harvey
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