Buccaneer 40

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by rberrey, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. rberrey
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    rberrey Senior Member

    There is a Buc 40 in the Mobile Al. area priced dropped to $19500.00 . Any thoughts on a Buc 40 as a cruiser , and cost difference of maintaining a 40' tri -v-31' tri . Rick
  2. 2far2drive
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    2far2drive Senior Member

    Ive been eyeing that very same boat for a longgggg time. It will be interesting to see what the guys here can dredge up. Ive been wondering the same questions myself but I am in no position right now for such a boat.

    If you purchase her, let us know. I would love a first hand look! I tried when I was over near there for thanksgiving but I ran out of time.
  3. keysdisease
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    keysdisease Senior Member

    I "helped" a friend build a Buc 40 in Key West in maybe the 80's?

    Sailed her many times, liked her a lot. Not roomy below but a nice all round fast Tri with good manners.

    I just looked the vessel up, that looks like a lot of boat for the price. One thing on my friends boat was termites in the crossarms, they are plywood and lumber even if the hulls are fiberglass / foam


  4. cavalier mk2
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    cavalier mk2 Senior Member

    Surface area of the hull and sail area give the best idea of upkeep. No wing decks = less paint but big sail area increases rig and gear costs.
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