Buccaneer 28 - build from plans

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by ptnursery, Aug 25, 2016.

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    space, and headroom

    My 24 has no cabin although you "can" stretch out in the forepeak, but I mostly just used it as a day sailor.
    My "new" 33 seems huge, and my crew really likes the standing headroom below. I think the 28, or a similar boat with modest stand up headroom makes for a very usable boat, and makes for a very enjoyable longer term cruiser. Even my day sailing race crew loves the very simple interior as it makes everyday chores like lunch prep, changing clothes, storing equipment and such almost civilized. I have recruited several couples for race crew off sport boats just because my boat is so much more comfortable. :) (their words) :cool:
    And, the buc is pretty fast :)
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    rustybarge Cheetah 25' Powercat.

    I know weight is the enemy of speed on a tri, but maybe something like this could work, and be easily incorperated into the cabin top without any structular changes to the basic design.....

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    Buccaneer 28 plans, free

    go to Trimaran Project and Multihull News for complete plans. I am having trouble downloading but I did get materials list. Am using a library system that may be preventing me. Good luck.

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