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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by outside the box, Feb 8, 2015.

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    The upgrade plans are nearing conclusion before handing to Geoff for final drafting in cad so time for a few questions.
    People have already shared a wealth of knowledge such as OS7, garyb, bruceb, samnz and others who should also be thanked.
    Question one
    (1) the upgrade floats follow the lines of a popular folder (think modern esp aft) but are in keeping with what the Buc 24 is, build can be glass foam build or glass a bond flex ply stringer build as is used on the wavelength trimarans and how we prototype some hull forms, question is which method suits the majority? (keeping in mind there are plenty of mods being done to stock floats so we didn't see any point investing resources to recreate the mods in plan form)
    2) we have redone the daggerboard/centreboard and rudder foils to reflect present day thoughts, rudder presently transom hung, there is an option to go under hung kick up as our Ezifold cats are to have, which is of preference to the majority?
    3) beams have been done along Sam's green death trap lines re engineered and can simply be made demountable without a heck of a lot more work.
    How important is demountable to the majority? Folding will come later as we develop the Buc 24 test mule which is a completely different boat to that discussed in these questions.
    4) hull run aft has been freshened If done how most have talked about waterline extends so no longer a 24, thoughts are to modernize run aft keeping at 24' how important is it to retain 24' status to the majority?
    5) cabin sleeping arrangements how important is a comfortable double to the majority?
    6) rig, given there is loads of information shared by garyb, how important is being able to build your own mast to plans to the majority?
    Remember all will receive the stock plans as reference to start from and update plans are possibly able to be purchased as one stock set or mix and match. What are thoughts as to pricing for the upgrade plans? Keeping in mind significant professional resource put into the upgrade however we want it to remain accessible to the majority as originals are presently.
    Float lifting foils ( don't even go there for the upgrade plans) the Buc 24 test mule is having them however significant engineering goes into getting them right and complementary engineering to accommodate the loads they create so they are left out of the upgrade plans purely on cost/complexity alone! For those wanting needing them we suggest waiting for the test mule plans.
    Thanks in advance to sensible reasoned reply.

    Craig and the Ezifold team.
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    Lots to think about, I will post an opinion soon :)
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    Question; I am assuming then that it would be foam over moulds because the shape is too sophisticated for sheet material (ply) ?

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    Hi Reuben
    Thanks for your time.
    Two lines of thought, female batten for foam glass, for flexply do as we do on prototyping (attached pic 1/2 hull 15' folding cat circa 2007 prototyping and the 20' proto cat setting up the 20 had option to go flex underwater ply topside flex turn and deck, we ended up going all flex was just as quick and nicer shape) flexply all in female mold or just underwater with flexply and sheet topside/ cambered decks, hence question time as without silly nonsense I can still make change but once Geoff gets it bets are off apart from a bit of manipulation here and there. Geoff is too busy with our main stream work that earns a dollar hence I need finalised before handing over.
    Craig and the Ezifold team


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