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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by BRUCEROBERTS, Feb 17, 2011.

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    BRUCEROBERTS Junior Member

    If you want to see some comments by genuine builders of Bruce Roberts boats then check out this link. These are REAL PEOPLE who have built and sailed Bruce Roberts designed boats and not ghost writes with an axe to grind !!
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  2. gonzo
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    I've seen Bruce Roberts plans and found them adequate. I think a lot of people expect to be taught how to build a boat and have unlimited free consultations after they buy a cheap set of plans.
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    Hi Gonzo - we do offer unlimited advice to our builders - I answer about 50 emails a day - even after I have been out for the evening I answer emails - I have not looked at these forums for years but got fed up with a VERY FEW posting a lot of rubbish. We have some beautiful current boats launched recently and all people need to do is look at our web site with an open mind. We are doing very well even in these difficult times for some and we have enough custom work in hand for several months. I am on a weeks holiday in Paris ... hence the time to look at a few forums. Thanks for your comments. Regards, Bruce
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    I sent a note to Bruce a couple of years ago about cost of building your own as I'm a Master Mechanic. He asnwered all my questions and said to be cautious and consult him before buying anything as there were pirated plans out there. He seems like a gentleman to me and didn't care if I had 5 bucks or 10 million. He just answered the questions. If I build, I'll use his plans and expertise.
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  5. Frosty

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    I had a Roberts Maritious ( spelling) it was built in Sigapore by a ship builder on his days off. he stretched it a bit and it ended up at over 60 feet and had a long sleek look about it, many thought it was a Vanderstadt ( spelling again).

    I dont know how you could call this weak structually, the rudder stock was webed into the hull with massive with Stymaskin Hydraulics . But as I say it was built right.

    This is very comforting at 4 AM with a storm building. I now have a power cat that in 1 meter waves feels like it going to fall apart.

    Its in the bay now at anchor, ide buy it back.
  6. Lister

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    If Bruce Robert stop calling "Spray" his most ugliest design it will be nice.
    I don't know anybody on his right mind buying his plans. He is a sales man, not a designer.
    Bruce you post, so I hope you can take the heat.
  7. Willallison
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    Well, he's been in the business of designing boats for what... 40 years?... Has Hundreds of different vessels in his portfolio, and many thousands succesfully sailing the 7 seas....

    I would contend that he is succesfull at both
  8. Wynand N
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    Bruce, I and perhaps many out there would love if you can comment on the following fact.

    The Tom Thumb 24 (now stretched a bit) was or still is one of the most successful plans you offer as a Bruce Roberts design.
    However, I have a problem with that. During the late 1980's to 1990 I built seven of these brilliant boats for clients - even one for myself - and I bought the plans for this boat directly from its designer in Canada namely Grahame Shannon....

    I know of designers taking over another design(s) but make known to the client which is which and Hartley/Samson marriage comes to mind. But you sell the TT24 plans as Roberts design in your portfolio :confused:

    Since you answer 50 emails a day, do you care to make time and answer this please and so to enlighten all of us. Sorry I'm not in a compliment mood today;)
  9. en360
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    I have buy design CD before ,most of drawing in feet,I want to change to meter in AutoCAD
  10. bbsboat
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    bbsboat Junior Member must be help for you:cool:
  11. PAR
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    Bruce, if you don't want any more of the piracy that you've experienced previously, then do yourself a favor and run a back ground check on the customers from China. I'm not sure how much information you can dig up on China nationals, but piracy is rampant over there, as I've found first hand.
  12. Alik
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    There are a lot of crooks independent from nationality. One day I found website registered in Western Europe selling our free sailboat designs...

    I see no reason why Chinese should be interested in stolen designs from BR. Those plans are for amateur boatbuilders, they are not for production. Meanwhile, Chinese believe they can design any boat themselves now - this is trend of last few years.
  13. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Agreed Alik, though I, others on this site and still others not, have had their designs stolen, to be promoted as offerings from China based builders and design firms. China isn't the only place, but there has been a long running pattern with this country, that is undeniable. They have limited if non-existent control or over site, making recovering damages imposable, possably even supported internally.
  14. Lister

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    Confusing number versus quality is a modern and sad trend.
    As for the many thousand, it is the proof of a great marketing. I will be interesting the real list of these vessel. I mean the list of the many thousand you imply that are sailing.
    And the list of the andonned construction also.
    As I said, a great salesman designing (not allways him but other under his direction by the way) ugly things, using a geat name like Spray to attract the novice.
    Sorry you fell for that.


  15. Lister

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    Feedback on a website is a very well known method to boost the sales.
    Are they genuine? Probably. I hope. Who can be sure.
    I don't have a axe to grind, just I find your use of the name of Spray to design the ugliest duck possible, quite bizarre.
    Do you really need to have this kind of name recognition to sell your plan? Are you that insecure?
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