British Souwester Acrylic Jackets

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    25 years ago , I had been bought from a shop , souwester brand British acrylic woven thick jacket with acrylic faux fur collar , it was very flexible , breathable and strong , it kept me warm inside of nylon British sailing waterproof jacket. I dont know they are still in business or it was a marketing label from a shop.
    It was dark blue like an antifouling color and red stripes at the belt side.

    Can you help me to find these jackets or brand ? I found there are hats with same brand but I dont think they are related ?

    Or do you know any acrylic woven jacket ?

    Thank you,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac
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    Three brands for you - Guy Cotten, Buffalo and Arborware. I would be surprised if you can't find something that does the job.

    Buffalo is the only British one.
    Guy Cotten make proper old fashioned 100% waterproof non breathable oilies, but also some with warm linings and I linked the one with the fur collar.
    Arborware are US - not marine but robust and hardwearing usually.

    All should be (quite a lot) cheaper than the high end marine stuff like some of the Musto range.

    For example:

    All weather gear and clothing for professional activities like fishing, sailing - Warm jackets


    Products Archive - Buffalo

    Tech Double Thick Full Zip Sweatshirt

    my sailing is quite exposed. I wear a buffalo under a drysuit, or a Guy Cotten oily

    If its very cold, I'll add in the arborwear double thick sweat hoody.
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