Bristol 26', depth sounder going bad

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by ridgemd, Aug 9, 2005.

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    The digits (left 2) on the Standard DS10 depth sounder Head Unit were bad. All I could read was the right digit, so I was getting only 10th of a foot readings in shallow water.

    I did not want to pull the boat out to put in a new through hull transducer. Plus they cost $.

    So I had to get a compatible Head Unit. This was done by going on e-bay and finding a STANDARD HORIZON QUARTZ DEPTH SOUNDER, P/N 86U051110, Model DS-20 Head Unit. Total Cost $14.50 with shipping.

    It worked. :) Same connections as the old DS10 unit, including the same output frequency and power. Mounting is different, but I can live with that.


    bristol built in 1972 by Bristol Yachts, Inc. and designed by Halsey C. Herreshoff has lenght over all 26, length on waterline 21'10'', beam 8', keel draft 3'10'', ballast #2400, displacement #5700, sail area 327 sq. ft.,
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    that's really good to know the ds-20 so easily replaced the DS-10 , Thanks for letting us know that , who would have guessed it? I figured they screw up each new offering so we need to buy all new everything, to make em work !
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