Brewer 12.8 centerboard gone

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    Centerboard pin

    Just use a type 316 SS pin you can buy a bolt 12 inches long and cut the head off, then its just right. You also need to place spacers in the hull gao where pin is, mine took 7 -1/8 2 1/2 type 316 washers epoxy glued ther -this keep board from "walking back and forth across pin. Factory put nothing there.dont use type 304--factory pins were type 316.The factory installed a pipe fitting nut on one side of the pin hole removed with a 1/2 square drive ratchet. other side was putty ed in . I thought I had the only perfect 12.8 Centerboard! Actually there is a design error. When up and flush the wide part of the board(2 3/4 thk, is ABOVE the shoe liner which is only 4 1/2 inches high, this widest part starts at 8 1/2--so there is about 5/8 space on each side at that point instead of 1/8. This causes board to go thump thump. I extended my shoe/liner to be 13 1/2 high and glued a 1x3/8 wide teak strip down the outside of the liner to keep the 3inch wide slot perfect. It all cost about $9000 with new board using original factory mold costing $4600 with new pin -etc.:cool:
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