Bravo3 gear oil leak repair

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by Hardrock, May 25, 2009.

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    Gesh, sorry this posted twice.

    Hello all,
    New here. I have a bravo3 leaking gear oil back into the boat where the shaft runs through the transom. Water does not get into the drive.

    My question is, how many different seals are there in the top of the drive that could let this happen?

    Also, are there any special tools need to replace these seals?

    I've been getting different opinions from people with different labor charges as to how long or what the cost will be to fix it.

    I've swapped outdrives on other boats and it didn't take but a few minutes, now I don't have a stand or a hoist so I haven't removed ths one.

    Also, isn't the upper end of all bravo drives the same?
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    CDK retired engineer

    There are small bores in the gimbal housing that form a channel from the gearboxes to a 5 cents plastic hose adapter for people who want to connect a lube monitor. There is a small -also plastic- cap on the adapter for those who did not install such a device. Without the cap, some oil spills when the gearboxes warm up.

    It could only be a damaged seal where the shaft enters the upper gearbox, but in that case the bearing behind it must be damaged or severely worn, which is quite unusual.
  3. Hardrock
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    Hardrock New Member

    Thanks CDK,
    I took the out drive off late yesterday and seen what you are talking about. I have the gear oil resevoir inside the motor compartment. Those parts were ok.

    It's leaking out where the shaft goes into the upper gear box. There are also metal shavings in the oil trapped inside the rubber boot where the shaft goes back through, bellows.

    The small metal pieces appear to be coming from the same area the oil is leaking.

    I changed the out drive oil before the last trip to the lake and that oil was ok. I hope it's collecting metal on the way out from a seal. I don't have the tool for removing the drive shaft from the housing so someone else will be working on it.

    Thank you for responding.
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