Bravo Skeg Modification

Discussion in 'Surface Drives' started by NICKODEMO, Nov 29, 2006.

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    NICKODEMO New Member

    Does anyone have any bravo modifications to increase speed / reduce drag?
    I hear that nose cones dont work under 90Mph. Can you sharpen the leading edge or shorten the skeg? Also, why is the skeg angled? Why not have it rounded like a shark/dolphin dorsil fin?:?:
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    Simply taking an angle grinder to the gearcase is unlikely to accomplish much; at best you'll make no difference, at worst you'll do enough structural damage to the housing that it'll fail in the middle of the lake.
    If you're into the idea of modifying your drive, aftermarket nose cones are a popular option and the idea that they 'only work over 90' is not true- although high speed is where you'd get the most benefit. Setback boxes are also popular; by moving the drive farther back it can also go higher up (thus less drag). A better prop is one of the most popular and most effective options.
  3. Frosty

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    Nose cones do not stream line the gearbox to go faster, they assist in 'blow out'. This is when the hole from the gearbox will make such a big hole that the prop just looses it,--'blow out'. Fitting a nose cone will give you another 10 -MPH- ish. This usually starts to occur over 80MPH.

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    shaped like a fin

    you said a mouth full. check out saw it on fishing u.
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