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Discussion in 'Electric Propulsion' started by cat55, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. cat55
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    cat55 New Member

    what´s the good brand of catamaran electric in the world ? 35 to 55 foot
  2. bajansailor
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    Hello cat - that is a very vague question that you are asking.

    Are there any particular types of electric catamaran that you like so far?
    If yes, could you post some links to them, and folk on here could then offer their opinions about these cats?
  3. cat55
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    cat55 New Member

    hi what´s the good brand of electrical engine to use in a boat like catamarans and trawler 40?
  4. BertKu
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    BertKu Senior Member

    You may have to look first at "What is the minimum electrical power a 35 feet and a 55 feet catamaran should have" . I personally think about 20 kw in the event of a sail problem and you are in open sea. Even 20 Kw maybe not always suitable for the worst condition. Secondly if you go for that kind of power. DC is no longer a good option and you should have an A.C. motor and not a D.C. The D.C motor should not be more then 48 Volt and that means at 20 Kw some 400 Ampere and that would mean cable the thickness of your arm. Not very practical, thus you go over to 110 Volt A.C. or preferable 220 Volt A.C. if you travel around the world. An electric motor for just to get out of the harbor, a 3 hp is good enough for not too strong currents and waves. But you go a snail speed. I would personal also select solar sails from a a French company . Bert
  5. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    35 to 55 feet is a huge range of displacement. There is going to be a ratio of at 10 times the power necessary between the 35' catamaran and the 55' trawler.

  6. James Wellington
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    James Wellington Junior Member

    Silent Yachts, an Austrian company has a 55 catamaran..10kw solar panels.
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