Box barge hull shape - which is better?

Discussion in 'Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics' started by Justaguy, Jan 30, 2016.

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    Great response RX,

    Each I believe can be the best and worst given different conditions and loading, that Justa couldn't expand his proposed vessel to include dimension etc a shame... oh well..

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    Wow, you guys really gave Justaguy a hard time in this thread. Unnecessarily, IMHO.

    He gave enough of a target to point your answers at:

    Generally speaking, making numerous assumptions, and guessing that I understand what you're asking (based on what you've written), the answer you're looking for is that #3 is the "best", Justguy. Even better might be a combination of #2 and #3 together, depending on the third dimension that we can't see.

    Unfortunately it's not uncommon for some of the more knowledgeable people here to refuse to make a leap to an assumption asked by someone with less knowledge, and instead try to force them to ask the question they want to hear.
    I suspect in some cases this is deliberate, and in some cases it's unthinking and automatic, especially in the cases of engineers who spend their careers making sure the answer they give is definitely the correct one, and not a guess.

    In this case all you were asking for was a very rough and broad generalisation based purely on the information you'd offered, and not on anything you hadn't.
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    A combination of a vertical headlog to deck edge, an angled(30 better than 45) swim end and a radius transition/tangent to bottom panel could be closest to ideal..... all this knowledge supplied- so a OP can know a combination is the best.... therefore all are best, and where not used are worst;)
    Seemed that the OP wanted to confirm a preconceived conclusion when all as drawn were poor choices, all you really need to do is go look at some self powered barges, the operators and designers are not inept.
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    I'd go with the design of the Royal Barge. Good enough for Her Majesty, QE II, good enough for a bloke who calls himself "Justaguy" ! :D

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    The problem that you haven't faced is that your barge is a PROJECT - the project includes exactly what you want to do with it....its main purpose or function in your future life where the project includes owning a barge. The two great disasters we face with PROJECTS is firstly lack of holistic clarity.... daydreams intrude about what we 'might' do with project entities and this can lead to OVER-REACH and lack of clarity...not coming down to earth to focus on the essential function...what we must do to complete the project. The other disaster is obsession with small details, looking for a silver bullet fix in order to economize and save money perhaps can lead one to not see the forest for the trees. This obsession leads one into more dry gullies than Burke and Wills ...wasting time on dead-ends. I'm sure I've wasted about two months myself with disasters on both fronts. Perhaps Zabana rum ($2) rather than my old favorite Myers($38) didn't help! NavalSArtichoke is trying to save you from the mistakes I made.
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