Bowsprit vs. longer hull

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Skeezix, Mar 9, 2022.

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    That's some good advice from Seasquirt.

    Another option would be an adjustable bow sprit.

    I sail with a friend who has one on his racing catamaran.
    It's brilliant.
    ( It's on a Malcolm Tenant "Streaker 23",
    not a common design by any means,
    but fast.)
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    NO one appears to have offered the obvious drawback of a longer hull. Longer narrow hulls are harder to turn/tack. (and cost more!) That would be the trade off against the inconvenience of a bowsprit. In a light weight boat that means you can get caught in irons or have to back wind the jib which soon becomes a pain if you have to do it every time!

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    The knockabout schooners vs the bowsprit schooners, a hundred years later. Arethusa, as beautiful as a dream, the ultimate knockabout...
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