Bouyoncy of pontoons

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    daiquiri, thanks for the info I'll definitely check that out.

    In regards to the wings aoa storage, I definitely don't have a lot of first hand trial and error experience here so I am just kind of basing this on what I have read. Initially I was thinking along the same lines as you. However what I found was that most experiences pilots recommend letting the wing behave as it was designed. Airplanes (non acrobatic) are typically designed to take something like 4.5 positive g's and 1.5- g's. Thinking about it this way, this airfoil develops about 1000lbs of lift with a 60mph wind and about a 3-4° AOA. 60mph is basically hurricane force winds and 1000 lbs really is not a lot of force to manage. Even small aircraft tie downs should be rated to secure several thousand pounds each.
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