Bourne Plastics Sailboat - do you now something?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Vector77, Sep 7, 2015.

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    I don't know that particular type of boat but would hazard a guess it was built late 60s' maybe circa 1970 or so. Bourne Plastics ceased in 1977 according to the article in one of the links below. I knew I'd seen the name on some boats - the Skipper, a Peter Milne design. It could be, he designed the boat you have.

    Some links.

    My godmothers husband had a Lotus Elan circa 1967, in lime green....
  3. bpw
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    If you look on the upper right transom you may find a hull ID number, the last few numbers usually tell the year of the vessel. Letters at the beggining are the manufacturer code.

    Not much, but could give you a little more info.
  4. Yuribacsi
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    Hi! I think it's a Shipmate Senior from the Small Craft co.
    The company "Bourne Plastics" was a subsidiary, and manufactured the hull.

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    /\ Beat me too it - I only ever saw the Shipmate's sail plan, but it did look a lot like that.

    There is a class site at

    and a quick look indicates that it does look like a SS.
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