Boric Acid - Insecticidal use

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by foxmcf, Mar 23, 2008.

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    I'm replacing the decking in my alum. boat. I've stripped the boat of everything but the hull, aluminum supports and foam in between the supports. Underneath the decking, a portion of the foam filler in the rear of the boat had rot and a lot of silverfish and roaches. I removed the bad portion of foam, and will replace. As for the rest of the foam, which appears that it hasn't been infected or have any signs of rot, I wanted to apply an insecticide just in case there are any remnant animals left on board.

    I've read that Boric Acid dust is perfect for this solution, as it won't react to the aluminum and can actually inhibit rot in woods and other materials.

    Does anyone have any comments on my findings or other solutions that won't react in a negative way to the aluminum or foam in my boat?

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    My wife uses it as a paste placed on small bits of paper and puts that under cupboards & other hidie places to remove all cockroaches very effectively... Needs replacing every so often so maybe as a generalised powder treatment may not be so good & I do not think it is good for humans (hence the paste) so it can be removed easily...
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