Book w/ Lines: Cal 40, Stormy Weather, Owens Cutter, Valient 40 & more

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    I found an interesting book from 1979 in a used book store: Choice Yacht Designs by Richard Henderson, published by International Marine. It has lines of:
    Kelpie, John G. Alden, 1928
    Stormy Weather, Sparkman & Stephens, 1933
    Aweigh, Sparkman & Stephens, 1933
    New York 32, Sparkman & Stephens, 1936
    Concordia Yawl, C. Raymond Hunt, 1938
    Owens Cutter, Norman G. Owens, 1944-45
    L-27, A. E. Luders Jr, 1955
    Triton, Carl A. Alberg, 1958
    Mason 31, Alvin Mason, 1959
    Alberg 30, Carl A. Alberg, 1962
    Ingenue, Edward S. Brewer, 1962
    Cal 40, C. William Lathrop, 1963
    Vega 27, Pet Brohall, 1964
    Aleutka, John S. Letcher Jr, 1965
    Redwing 30, Cuthbertson & Cassian, 1967
    Amee, Edward S. Brewer, 1968
    c & C 35, Cuthbertson & Cassian, 1969
    Whitby 42, Edward S. Brewer, 1972
    Tancook Whaler Yacht, Peter D. Van Dine, 1972-73
    Valiant 40, Robert H. Perry, 1973-74
    Cabot 36, Edward S. Brewer, Robert E. Wallstrom, 1974
    The lines are reduced to fit the width of a page and are about 8" / 20 cm long.

    Henderson couldn't obtain permission to publish the lines of several boats but was able to obtain sufficient information for Al Mason to prepare a perspective view of the lines from a vantage point off the starboard bow below the waterline. It should be possible to extract most of the lines for those boats from these drawings. Perspectives included are of:
    S&S Pilot, Sparkman & Stephens, 1945
    Loki, Sparkman & Stephens, 1947
    Nevins 40, Sparkman & Stephens, 1954
    Bermuda 40, William H. Tripp Jr, 1957
    Morgan 30, Charles E. Morgan Jr, 1967
    Swan 43, Sparkman & Stephens, 1968
    Ranger 26, Gary W. Mull, 1968
    Ranger 28, Gary W. Mull, 1973

    There are also sail plans and accomodation drawings, and construction drawings or details of several, along with dimensions and Henderson's commentary about each boat.

    This book appears to be a good source of information for anyone interested in cruiser and racer/cruiser sailboats from the late 1920's to the early days of the IOR. It's out of print although several sellers on claim to have new copies. I found numerous used copies available on the internet starting at under $10. Even if only one or two of the designs are of particular interest it's still a good deal given the lines drawings.
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    thank you
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