Bollard Pull Calculator for Ships (Excel Engine)

Discussion in 'Software' started by thenavalarch, Jan 26, 2014.

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    Following the success of Bollard Pull Calculator for Barges, introduces an Excel Engine for Bollard Pull calculations for Ships, i.e., a conventional ship-shaped vessel.

    It rigorously calculates all the forces on the vessel, viz.

    1. Calm Water Resistance: It is calculated using the established Holtrop and Mennen formula

    2. Wind resistance: Based on Wind Height and Shape coefficients from ABS MODU rules, and corrected for wind direction.

    3. Wave Resistance: From DNV Rules for Marine Operations, and corrected for forward vessel speed using Faltinsen, 1990

    4. Propeller resistance and Hawser resistance: From US Navy Towing Manual

    Very useful in Marine Operations. It can be used to accurately predict the bollard pull to tow a vessel. The tug can be accordingly selected.

    A youtube video demo can be found here:

    To download, go to:

    Write to:
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    Bollard Pull Excell worksheet

    Hi, I am designing a tug/pusher and will like to see the excell sheet but was unable to download it. Should you please forward to me thru e-mail
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    i think he is selling the spreadsheet.......
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