Bolger Cartopper finally completed

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by peterchech, Sep 5, 2010.

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    So only one pic with the sailing rig set up because I'm still refining the rig a bit to help sail closer to the wind and prob will add a jib to help tack into the wind. I also am going to get rid of the flotation compartments, and maybe tie in some alternate flotation (floating seat cushions I'm thinking) because the weight of the build was too much to easily cartop. I'm going to also get rid of the wrap around seating, because the boat is too tender and the seats aren't being used. (just adding weight). I made the sail from a regular canvas painters tarp, and it stratches a bit so the pocket I sewed into the sail is now too deep, gonna prob redo the sail but stick with the gaff rig because it's so beautiful and here on the jersey shore there is a long tradition of "sea bright skiffs" using a low masted gaff rig with a jib (why break with tradition?) The build took 3 months of spare time, I used AC exterior 1/4 in ply for planking, covered in 10 oz fiberglass on the outside and painted on the inside. Mast is hollow birdsmouth, 10ft tall. Spars are clear douglass fir.
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    Always glad to see new homebuilt boats on the water; thanks for the pictures.

    Have you noticed any problems with that high bow catching the wind and shoving you off track, when you're rowing?
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    It hasn't been an issue at all when rowing, believe it or not. Between the skeg and the wood runners i put on the bottom of the hull once u get her moving she tracks straight in just about any wind. But yes, as soon as u stop rowing for a few seconds, for example to raise the sail, the wind spins this boat in circles and makes things difficult...

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    Another similar design of his that I like a lot is his Thomaston Galley. The TG dosn't look at all like your boat peterchech but designed for and is clearly good at the same things. The TG has a big wide fat stern and a bow that hardly exists. Very low freeboard.From a distance you'd think she was a flat bottomed pram but in fact she has a very deep V hull.

    Easy Rider
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