Boeing, Fincantieri Team for U.S. Hovercraft Offer

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    If anyone has images or further information, please post it here. See the pdf link for concept images. AOA_Carlson.pdf

    Boeing, Fincantieri Team for U.S. Hovercraft Offer
    I found this by doing a search for "Boeing Hovercraft" after re-reading the Hovernews Nov/Dec 2008 article by Gerald W. Crisman where in 1960 Boeing had no interest in hovercraft.

    I guess some things do change if given enough time.

    Marinette Marine, a Fincantieri Company, and Boeing Team for Navy LCAC Replacement Program;au=&ck=

    Marinette teams with Boeing for Navy hovercraft program

    SSC - Ship to Shore Connector
    See page 8 for contractors involved, page 17 for concept images.

    Fincantieri & Boeing Team $4Bn LCAC Replace

    Fincantieri, Boeing to build hovercraft fleet
    Tuesday, 05 May 2009 23:29
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