Boatsmith Florida building Wharram Ariki catamaran

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Corley, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. gdavis
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    gdavis Junior Member

    Cool. great video! James Warram is a god..Thats a super sliding hatch lid detail. Do you lash the cross beams to the hulls like some are done? Do you still build in plywood if its a one off? I've been looking at warram cat plans for years. Maybe someday. Are you ever looking for help? I can't take too many more of these maine winters. Nope, not fit to live in! Anyhow, great to see your success with these designs..............peace...g
  2. david@boatsmith
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    We have this shop in West Palm Beach because we have a large millwork shop to serve the architectural needs of Palm Beach. If it was just the boats we would be out of town more where space costs less. The hulls and beams are indeed lashed together. We still build boats in plywood too.
  3. david@boatsmith
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    david@boatsmith Senior Member

    Here are some photos of the completed boat.
  4. RHP
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    Beautiful David, many congratulations. What's in build at the moment? It's a big jump between the Tiki 30 and Akiri, nothing in between?
  5. oldsailor7
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    The James Wharram classic designs are the easiest to build catamarans in the world.
    We built a Tehini for a client in four weeks, (four men). We supplied the hulls complete. The client used a construction consultant to specify steel I beams for the cross arms and installed a modern bermuda rig. Wharram sailed on it in 1976 and was pleased with it.( a remarkable feat in its'self). It was sailed extensively for many years, even surviving a grounding in the American East Coast waterway. :cool:

  6. Teleman
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    Wharram classics were my introduction to cats, my first boat was a 27' Tane. It was so cheap that me and my partner jumped at it, only to discover later that it was possibly the worst home-build ever.

    The Boatsmith Ariki is the best update/interpretation I've seen. Every weakness in the original design has been solved in the best possible way, without changing the essence of the design. Brilliant job Dave.

    (So when are you starting the Tiki 36.........?)
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