Boats from the James Bond Movies - where are they now?

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    Bond die Wahrheit

    http:// VISITOR photographs the Glastron GT-150 Jump Boat with the BMW 750iL at the press preview of the Bond in Motion exhibition at the Beaulieu National Motor Museum. AFP

    This week, Eon Productions and Beaulieu will feature 50 cars used in various James Bond movies to celebrate the world’s most famous spy movie franchise’s five decades in motion picture. Dubbed as “Bond in Motion,” the exhibit will run from January to December at the National Motor Museum in Hampshire, England.

    Considered the largest collection and exhibition of its kind staged in its history, 50 of Bond’s most iconic vehicles will be showcased, which also marks the museum’s 40th anniversary as well as 60 years since Beaulieu opened as a visitor attraction. Eon Productions is the producer of the James Bond movie franchise.

    Among the celebrity cars on display include the 2008 Aston Martin DBS from the movie “Quantum of Solace,” the 2002 Jaguar XKR with its special effects weapons from “Die Another Day” and the infamous 1937 Phantom III Rolls-Royce from Goldfinger. Beaulieu’s commercial director, Stephen Munn, said “following the success of the first Bond cars exhibition staged at Beaulieu in 2001, we are delighted to be working with EON again on this new display, bringing together the world’s largest collection of Bond vehicles.” Aside from the cars, there will be some other gadgets, boats, motorbikes, jets and sleds that were used in the movies on display.

    A FORD Mustang Mach 1 (right), which was featured in the James Bond movie “Diamonds Are Forever,” is seen next to the AMC Hornet used in the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun.” AP

    Beaulieu’s National Motor Museum was originally called the Montagu Motor Museum and is a part of Beaulieu Village, located at the heart of New Forest and English county of Hampshire. The museum was founded in 1952 by Edward Douglas Scott Montagu, the third Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, as a tribute to his father, who was considered to be one of the pioneers of British motoring and is the first person to drive a motor car into the yard of the Houses of Parliament. He was also credited to have introduced motoring to King Edward VII, who was then the Prince of Wales in the 1890s.

    Initially, the museum only housed five cars and a small collection of motoring memorabilia and as the popularity of the Beaulieu collection grew, annual attendance figures reached almost 300,000 visitors by 1959 and by 1964, annual attendance exceeded half a million that prompted to make a purpose-built museum to house the increasing size of the exhibition. By 1972, the museum had about 300 vehicles and the new building was inaugurated and was renamed National Motor Museum. The opening of the museum coincided with the launch of the Jaguar XJ12. Run by the National Motor Museum Trust Ltd., the museum has a monorail that runs inside the building and houses some of UK’s most prized historical vehicles, including four land speed record holders, and its library has one of the finest collection of motoring books, journals and photographs. Aside from the monorail, it also features a rally car simulator and a go-kart rink.

    In another footnote, the local HBO channel aired re-runs of all James Bond movies every evening last month and the latest James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, was also spotted on the streets of Malate visiting his wife, Rachel Weiss, who was here filming for another action movie, “The Bourne Legacy.”

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    Great timing - thanks for the link Germany.

    I wonder how Glastron dominated the bond speedboats - was there a connection there?

    Speedboats in Live and Let Die
    Glastron GT-150 Dr. Kananga Stolen by Bond from Dr. Kananga's "crocodile farm" drug factory
    Glastron CV-19 Jet speedboat Deke Rodgers Stolen by Bond after the GT-150 is disabled by gunfire
    Glastron V-156 Sportster Dr. Kananga henchmen One of these boats is disabled after crashing into a tree, another being simply outrun by Bond and Kananga henchman Adam
    Glastron V-184 Crestflite Dr. Kananga henchmen This boat gets stuck in a wedding tent
    Glastron V-162 Futura Dr. Kananga henchmen This boat is destroyed when it spears Sheriff J.W. Pepper's car while attempting to jump over an embankment
    Glastron V-145 Fireflite Dr. Kananga henchmen This boat ended up in Deke Rodger's swimming pool
    Glastron-Carlson CV21 Jet speedboat Louisiana wildlife park ranger Billy-Bob Stolen by Kananga henchman Adam and destroyed when driven into the back of a derelict ship and explodes.

    Speedboats in Moonraker
    Glastron CV23HT "Hydrofoil" Boat Q-Branch/James Bond Used by Bond to locate Hugo Drax's Amazon river source for the deadly nerve gas
    Glastron SSV-189 speedboats Drax Enterprises Used by Drax henchmen during the Amazon river chase

    Speedboat in A View To A Kill
    Glastron Carlson C-537 Max Zorin Used to retrieve Mayday on the Seine after the assassination of Achille Aubergine
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    If your willing to give a boat for free and lets face it Glastron is big enough to afford that, then Im sure you will be considered.
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    Getting a boat in a movie: good advertising. How to do you get 10 of your boats in???
    Someone at Glastron was doing a bang up job in advertising.

    Found this 2010 restoration gives info on the Glastron's used in Moonraker
    The 2 other originals used in the movie were destroyed and the website says "One of only five known examples remaining"
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    Bond is a misogynistic English hero ---why is he in a US boat and German car.

    Ille not watch any more till hes back in the Aston and has a clinker built rowing boat like a gentleman.
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    Frosty, maybe add fish and chips in newspaper as dinner opposed to those glitzy hotels affairs he is so keen on to your list as well;)
  7. Frosty

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    Yes-more like it with a bottle of brown.
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    Sunseeker has snagged the Glastron role now:

    The World is not Enough - Sunseeker Superhawk 34
    Die Another Day - Sunseeker Superhawk 48
    Casino Royale - Sunseeker XS2000, Sunseeker Predator 108
    Quantum of Solace - Sunseeker Superhawk 43, Sunseeker 37 Metre Yacht M4, Sunseeker Sovereign 17

    The Superhawk 34 used in The World is Not Enough was for sale in January for $150,000 (don't know what the actual selling price was).
    Anyone know where it wound up?

    How much does being on the silver screen add to a boat's value?
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    I was approached by a movie company to have my boat in that crap Move with Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones diary.

    Apparantly some funny scene where she and him gets stuck under a catamaran in Krabi Thailand.

    In did;nt think the close proximity of a long tail ( boat with long shaft and prop projecting out 10 feet ) was funny.

    The guy insisted no harm would come to it as he was in charge and he did U574 with the enigma, I pointed out that it sank.

    Hugh was staying in a super yacht that they willingly paid squillions for and I felt that mine was not worth that much but a bit more than they were willing to pay.

    The scene was therefore cut ---sorry
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    ruined a good scene because of greed did you? shame on you, not letting movie makers have their way. What if everyone did that?
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    You'd want to check insurance coverage in detail. A bad situation would be major damage occurs and they want to repair damage and you don't want a repaired boat.
  13. Frosty

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    Exactly. Also I was half way through the fit out . Accepting this offer would have meant taking off the contractors and go drop anchor in Krabi for 1 week and live in a half fitted boat.

    I think it was 500 dollars a day
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