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    We are are seeking a unique individual for a unique position.

    Boat builder/ warehouse work: All experience levels will be considered. Position can be full time or part time depending on skill set and how much you want to work. Anyone meeting the Minimum Qualifications below is encouraged to apply. Work schedule is very flexible. Pay will depend on skill level and productivity, but will range from $12 to $20 hr.

    Time would be split between boat/composite work and order fulfillment

    Minimal Qualifications:

    Some experience with fiberglass lamination
    Ability to safely use power tools
    Must be able to work independently and remain productive
    Basic computer literacy and competence
    Able to lift and stack plywood

    Desired Skills:

    Experience with epoxy/wood boat construction
    Experience with on-off boat construction
    Fairing and Painting
    Systems Rigging

    Bonus Skills:

    Advanced Composite techniques (vacuum bagging and infusion)
    Advanced wood working skills

    Please email if you are interested
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