Boat yard utility " painters float "

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by bulk-head, Jan 2, 2008.

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    I was getting ready to construct a simple stitck and glue plywood, 16 x 6 ,decked over, double ended punt for use as a general work float, painters barge and got to thinking.... What If someone jumps on my float, falls in the water and takes fright, I might get SUED for having this utility float that is not stability curve, construction scantlings. I surfed thru the internet looking for stock designs and no luck. I'm not interested in a couple 55 gallon barrels strapped under a deck. The floats Ive used in the past are proper boats. Double ended, decked over punts along the lines of a push-me, pull-me ferry . A Scow... with Big chunky stand off rub rails , right down low at the waterline , so the float rides clear of a yachts topsides, a keel and skeg for directional stability, self propelled with a little 2 horse outboard in a well stuck thru the middle of the float deck. Any suggestions ? Such a simple boat, feel a little silly going to a naval architect. Any stock, calculated plans on the internet. ??
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    How about the 'Fish Cat' by Phil Bolger? - 16' x 7 ' , two hulls (catamaran) can run an outboard. Probably easier to pack up as the hulls can be separated. Lots of stability to stand on and paint etc
    There are probably a few Bolger designs that would suit - simplicity being the key.
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    A cat might do the trick. At 7 ft beam she is starting to get a bit beamy, might be tough to squeeze her between yachts and get to work. The ultimate work float would be a long , very narrow, MAGIC FLOATING PLANK ! Also its good to have plenty of buoyancy in the ends, your frequently nosing into a blind alley to get at some repair. Perhaps a cat could do it, Phil Bolger might be a good man to contact, he has plenty of boatyard time . Sam Devlin , with his sleds, would be worth an email

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    Here we use styrofoam under a simple frame with any decking material, for a float.

    Think floating dock , not boat.

    Its towed with a dink from boat to boat .

    Even a burorat can tell a float from a boat.

    Soft rub rail on all sides makes it useful alongside.

    Unless the boats are huge , only a few inches of freeboard of the raft allows working down to the WL.

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