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    Position Summary

    Boat Okoboji Rental employees work under the Boat Okoboji Rentals Manager and are in charge of prepping our expansive fleet of rental boats, pontoons and watercraft for customers. Our fleet includes Sea Doo watercraft, 21’ and 23’ Sea Ray sport boats, 25’ pontoons, an executive 29’ Sea Ray and 35’ party barges.

    Mau Marine and The Okoboji Store Valet Service is a Friday through Sunday service with additional Holiday service including Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends. Valet service is offered at the Okoboji Store dock and customer boats will be placed at a designated valet dock to allow a higher volume of customers to visit the restaurant.


    The following responsibilities will be expected for this position:

    • Implements a speedy, well-organized system for the retrieval and delivery of customer boats from a designated valet dock
    • Provides a high level of customer service by helping customers dock their boats, engaging in friendly conversations with those customers, and representing Mau Marine and The Okoboji Store in a positive manner
    • Greeting customers upon arrival and creating a fun and professional environment
    Other duties may include:

    • Accurately booking rentals over the phone and in person
    • Responsible for prepping our rental boats, pontoons, and watercraft for customers
    • Deliver outstanding customer service by helping assist customers with the correct and safe operation of boats and other watercraft as well as captaining boats for customers when requested
    • Responsible for the collection of payment after rental completion, as well as executing a complete cleaning and refueling

    Applicants must possess the following qualifications:

    • Excellent communication and customer service skills
    • 18 years or older and high level of experience operating boats; including outboard pontoons, v-drive and inboard boats, and twin engine boats

    Apply Here

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