Boat Structural Design Validation with BV Compose IT

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    Bonjour from France I wish you all happy Christmas and New Year Time

    I am working on Integrating Boat Structural Design by FEA Simulations of hull fiberglass composite structure and Validation according to the Bureau Veritas Rules with BV software Compose IT

    I think this here methodology is very useful in validation of boat structural design

    The Bureau Veritas software Compose IT does provide the functions of

    A. design fiberglass composite laminated structural parts of a boat according to Burea Veritas standards
    B. but as well testing a fiberglass laminated boat bottom panels
    C. Testing a test panel( or a boat bottom beam) by applying a force or a moment to that panel ( or beam) and the software will calculate the stresses in that panel and compare thse stresses with the breaking stress of that panel allowed by the Bureau Veritas rule

    This gives boat design engineers and naval architects the tool to validate in a time efficiently way boat bottom laminate and stiffeners .

    On the other hand the FEA software is the software tool to simulate boat bottom slamming loads on the boat bottom structure and the FEA gives the stresses generated in the boat structure when sujected to certain slamming loads.

    I did run multiple structural boat bottom FEA simulations on my fiberglass boat bottom structure

    Yacht Design book by Larsson&Eliasson says fiberglass laminate will typically fail/break at about 150 MPa

    My boat bottom laminate is way stronger being 10mm thickness of wich 8 X QX1200 that is eight strata quadraxial QX 1200

    Each strata of quadraxial mechanical breaking strsses are Sigma 1Tension=860 MPa ; Sigma 1Compression=573MPa; Sigma 2Tension= 41MPa; Sigma 2 Compression= 118MPa; Tau12 = 49MPa ; Tau 1= 47MPa

    My FEA software indicates that when subjected to high static loads of 50 tons from the keel there are values of 300 MPa on some small areas of my composite boat hull

    I want to make a test panel of this composite laminate in BV Compose IT and see what the software gives me as the bottom plate laminate Breaking Stress

    in order to compare to my FEA simulation generated stress of 300 MPa on some small areas

    Does anybody have experience with the Bureau Veritas Compose IT software?

    If so I will be grateful if you give me your feedback on :

    1.I do see in the Compose IT interface that when I choose my test panel size I only need to input the test pnel width in mm
    Does this mean the test panel will be square?

    2.Or alternatively the geometry of the test panel is the input Width and perhaps the leght is a standard 1m ?

    3. In order to apply the force “for test panel elements real forces and moments on element must be input. A conversion to forces and moments by linear meter will be done

    How exactly is the force wich is typically given per square mm to be converted to linear meter?

    I see in the Compose IT inout interface interface there are:
    three forces in planar direction
    three moments
    and two shearing forces interlaminar

    How is the best way to input in the Compose IT a stress I do have from my FEA software?

    Thank you and a happy Christmas to all Boat Design Form members
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