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Boat Project wanted

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by Bill Dunn, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. Bill Dunn
    Joined: Aug 2004
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    Location: Port Washington WI

    Bill Dunn Junior Member

    I am looking for a boat project up to 25' preferribly a sport cruiser. I would be interested in purchasing or teaming up on the molds and production.
  2. jcedarburg
    Joined: Feb 2005
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    Location: Florida

    jcedarburg Junior Member

    I have a 30" Rybo full cabin hull for sale.It is in Milw.Would you be interested in it? Emailto jcedarburg@aol.com
  3. boat182
    Joined: Jun 2005
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    Location: Texas

    boat182 Junior Member

    I am closing down my boat company, would you be interested in purchasing it? Contact me to discuss the details or send me your e-mail address so that I can send you an asset list.

  4. T.N.Todd
    Joined: Dec 2005
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    Location: New Zealand

    T.N.Todd Junior Member

    Hi there,
    We are boat manufacturers in New Zealand. We may have a boat that could be of interest. It is 23feet x 8ft 2 in beam. Even though it sounds small, it is an extremely roomy cruiser. It comfortably sleeps 4 people, has full galley with 6 ft headroom. It can be fitted with single or twin outboards or with single stern drive. It is an extremely good rough water boat. NZ Propeller magazine have done a boat review and rated it as outstanding in its class. If you are interested, have a look at my web site www.tnt-sport.co.nz

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    Joined: Apr 2005
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    Location: TRIESTE (ITALY)

    RANCHI OTTO Naval Architect

    Something like that ?

    ASD (Arrow System Design) hull
    Speed + 40 knots

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  6. T.N.Todd
    Joined: Dec 2005
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    Location: New Zealand

    T.N.Todd Junior Member


    Could You Please send more information most interested is it own design:cool:
  7. pitcha
    Joined: Dec 2004
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    Location: Ukraine

    pitcha Junior Member

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  8. Manoj Silva
    Joined: May 2006
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    Location: Colombo- Sri Lanka

    Manoj Silva Junior Member

    Hi Bill,
    I am From Sri Lanka, We have Just Ventured into Manufacture of Rotational Moulded Boats. We are Looking for New Distributors, and Partners to Expand our Product Range. If you are in a position to Supply Mould we can run these in our Machine and do PE Boats up to 6 Meter leagth for you. Otherwise we can do boats under you Bradname and ship it there for you to market.
    Our Prices will be very competitive,and boats can be customised using various accessories.

    If this Interest you do get in touch with us.

    Manoj Silva
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