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    Hi guys well I have had a number of people asking me about my plans and if I will sell them a set

    Well the answer is yes I will I have sold 3 sets to guys who have seen the boat and all want to build their own , after consideration I decided to sell them each a set .
    My plans are pretty basic but they give you all the bulkhead dimensions these are provided in CAD so you can spend all day getting dimensions and angles from them .
    the hull plates are provided on paper with the dimensions in 150mm increments using a centre line to project from and the numbers are spot on

    you get the material required, the suggested method to produce the hull quickly thats not used elsewhere but works really easily and what makes it even easier you dont need a plasma cutter or any speacial tooling and you can weld the whole thing with a MIG
    You need to email me if you want to know the price , thats
    Not very expensive for the info you need to build this boat

    Also check the link just cut and paste in your browser

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