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Discussion in 'Materials' started by Guest, Jun 18, 2001.

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    somewhere on there is huge page of outfits that do vinyl lettering and graphics for boats. i found it once but am going mad trying to find it again. any clues?
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    I'm afraid we can't take credit for that, as I don't recall ever having a page on vinyl boat lettering...

    If you don't mind sifting through a lot, you'll find what you need with Google (commercial sites, especially those directly selling a product, do a pretty good job of getting listed on the major search engines... while we do certainly list commercial sites, I think that our real value as a focused directory is that we index the smaller, noncommercial, and informational sites which don’t fight for search engine position and thus might otherwise not be found)

    If you haven’t already tried Google, give these a try: boat lettering boat graphics
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    Sign Station

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    Need a vinyl graphic made visit our site at, we are in partnership with Sign-a-rama. We have done well over 500 signs, graphics, and names in vinyl. What ever you want we can make it, weve done trucks, cars, boats, vans etc. Small to large we can do it, and... because weve done so many...our prices are very very good. You want reflective, we have it, you want hologram, pearlesent, solid, or shift color vinyl we have it. We also have translucent vinyl for custom window designs for boat and cars alike. Again visit our website.
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    Most any sign shop does vinyl now. Had mine done locally and installed myself. Wasn't that hard after the fellow at the sign place showed me how.
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    Just for you all to know. I run the graphics department for the largest sign shop in Alaska. A word to the wise..... Ask for 3-M brand vinyl or Gerber (made by 3-M) And don't let them talk you into some nutty flashy holographic film for your boat! It and most other specialty films are not even rated for outdoor use if so they only claim a 2 year life. Just pick the brain of your sales guy and ask about the warranty and brand of vinyl. I will be glad to share tips. If anybody needs help. 8Kts
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    Boat Lettering


    What are you needing ?????

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    Note this original thread is from 2001... (The time and date of each post appears in the blue band)

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    I"m sold on these guys:::::: http://www.*************/boat-names.html I realize the thread is old, but if you are looking to do this check out their library of installation videos. It made our boat lettering installation go perfectly....
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