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Boat Molds Wanted

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by DOPatrick, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. DOPatrick
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    DOPatrick Junior Member

    New boat manufacturing company in south texas. we have several production molds we have made already but looking to have a strong fleet for sell when we start our adveretising. WE ARE CURRENTLY BUYING boat molds with little to no prep needed to expand with, but if work is needed please send and stat what needs to be done and we will still look at it. 12ft to 24ft perferred and larger concidered depending on what they are. Tunnel hulls, bass, mod V's, V hull, cats ect. send pics and lowest price to.....


    If a final price is not given, the email will not be concidered. ( keep in mind we know the cost of creating a mold and we know what used or old production lines go for when pricing your molds )

    NOTE: Requirements- for everyones protection
    1. Molds have to be clear. eg. not another manufacters production or copy of said boats.
    2. Molds have to be within tolarable allowances to accuracy.
    3. If molds are a home made unit, proof of or documentation of the molds creation must be provided.... receipts for materials, pics during creation and so on. whatever you can provide to prove it was your design.
    4. letter of and reciept of purchase must be given stating the company (given at the time of purchase) is buying the rights to this mold and sole production of the boats off the mold as well as a document stating the seller will no longer produce or copy boats off that mold type. eg. the buyer has the sole rights to the production line.
  2. WDG
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    WDG New Member

    I have a mold for sale that is my original design, that produces 19'9" to 23'9", 8' beam (it's adjustable) center console, combination bay and offshore boats. The mold is in excellent condition and has been prepped with sealer and PMR (no wax). The boats built were 100% composite. The boat drafts about 6" but handles serious waters. We can provide our tunnel mold, and stringer copies if desired. Depending on which size, the boats can be powered by a single or dual O/B or I/O. Ideal boat for upper coastal areas such as CC, Houston, etc.. Mold has a rigid frame and casters for easy moving in your shop. Price possibly negotiable, but asking $10K, plus certain agreements. If serious, e-mail me your complete information.
  3. m3mm0s rib
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    m3mm0s rib Senior Member

    How about this; Only serious offers

  4. Docuscg
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    Docuscg New Member

    33 ft. center console 20 degree bottom

    I have a nice 33 ft center console mold that I design and built for sale. My cost was around $350,000.00. After 27 years of running my own boat shop, I sold out. This mold only had two hulls pulled, then I change the bottom lifts to give a softer entry. Very big and very nice boat. I,m just old and tired of building boats. I play with my grand kids now. If you are interested, let me hear from you. I now have the molds at a friends place stored. You can call me at 910-512-5544 or email me at wetsig@juno.com

    Thanks, Docuscg
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