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Boat Molds for Sale

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by mikew, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. mikew
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    mikew New Member

    Boatbuilder retiring, selling complete line of professionally built production canoe and kayak molds for composite hand layup,stored under cover and are in excellent condition.Would prefer to sell as a complete package and includes many parts and fittngs plus boat show display racks.Photos of molds and finishrd parts on request.Sacrifice price of $5000.00cdn.

    16' Canoe (Prospector)
    16' Sea Kayak
    14' Touring Kayak
    16' Double Touring kayak
    17' Freighter canoe
    10' Dinghy (Sailing)
    12' Flat Back Canoe

    613-852-3597 (Ontario - Canada)
  2. mderen1
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    mderen1 New Member

    Please forward mold photos, condition, price of the 10' sailing dinghy to mderen1@roadrunner.com
  3. Eagle Boats
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    Eagle Boats Senior Member

  4. gages
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    gages Junior Member

  5. Sam III
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    Sam III Junior Member

  6. eps
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    eps Junior Member

  7. carboncopy001
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    carboncopy001 Junior Member

  8. Cobra1
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    Cobra1 Junior Member

    Good Day Mike. Can you send me pic's of the 14 & 16' yak's.


    How close to Massena NY are you. My brother could help with shipping and I have family over there that could aid in getting them to the states.
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