Boat Mold & Plugs/equipment

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    FS 21 foot cc console boat mold. Comes with several plugs, tooling gel, partial Binks sprayer, fiberglass rack on casters and a few other pieces of equipment. $10,000 obo.

    14051BC9-37FD-4A21-BB9D-14D3B547D705.jpeg CBA3EBD5-D3FC-4A14-AEF0-500DE39FBA0F.jpeg CB37B8B7-0615-43A1-B0CE-9B75760317AF.jpeg D85A9FCC-6D6B-4968-83B3-18E25935E4B2.jpeg D606F597-8628-477F-AD1B-3EFC52C47CEE.jpeg 0CC76EAF-26AF-4619-9778-25CDBB34B7BF.jpeg 4841AEAC-F235-447B-ACE6-9B588FE20381.jpeg DAF8A292-DC3D-4490-BC2D-633C8D9ACCE4.jpeg 4C7C7ED0-BA26-45ED-A75E-C48A55CEF332.jpeg 4FB40326-1EE7-47BD-8279-75950D0AADDA.jpeg BEF43DDA-3A0C-4883-83CB-B8511F67F70E.jpeg

    Located in South Carolina.
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