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Boat Manufacturer for Sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by lonniebright, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Boat Manufacturer for Sale $146,600.00

    Nomad Houseboats, Inc. has been operating out of their Lebanon, Missouri facility since 2000 building quality houseboats capable of filling the duel roll of a towable camper and easy pull houseboat. The Nomad boat line was purchased as the trailerable houseboat division of SeaArk Boats, Inc. in Monticello, Arkansas, which was founded in 1998.

    The design and layout of the vessel is professionally engineered to meet rigorous performance and safety standards. The manufacturing process utilizes new molding techniques for the cabins, and an upgraded quality of interiors; the company has been able to satisfy the requirements of an upscale customer and has quickly gained the reputation of producing high quality products. The Nomad 25 trailerable houseboat was featured in Popular Mechanics article “Trace the footsteps of Lewis and Clark in the Nomad25”

    Nomad website: http://www.treasure-coast-commercial-re.com/property-item/nomad-houseboats-inc/

    Product Description:
    Nomad Houseboats, Inc. offers two models:

    The Nomad 25, a 25-foot, “trailerable” houseboat that can be used as an RV/Travel Trailer when it is out of the water on its trailer. This boat has plenty of room and comfortable sleeping for two adults and two children, with its permanent upper queen size bunk and fold-down sofa sleeper option. This craft is completely self-contained with a generator, microwave, air conditioner, shower and electric macerator toilet facilities. A complete galley contains a two-compartment sink, two-burner cooktop stove, overhead vent hood and a 4 cubic foot refrigerator with freezer compartment that runs off 120 volt AC, 12 Volt DC or propane. Ample storage space is found throughout the cabin.

    The Nomad “Retractable” is built on the same hull as the Nomad 25 with a similar layout inside the cabin, however the Retractable uses a drop-down upper cabin section that raises and lowers hydraulically to allow for considerably easier towing. Sleeping accommodations are the same using a drop-down bunk that is stored above the helm station.

    The all-welded aluminum V-hull of both models is strong, yet lightweight and drafts a mere 12” of water. The 8’6” beam allows the Nomad 25 to be towed without any special permits. The total package of boat, motor and trailer is light weight compared to the competition allowing the vessel to be pulled by many types of vehicles, Including half ton trucks and SUVs. The motor of choice for most customers is a 135 Honda 4-stroke outboard that allows speeds in excess of 30 mph.

    Boat tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFxlkeQSjto

    The Opportunity:
    Nomad Houseboats, Inc. is for sale including manufacturing rights, Fiberglass molds, Jigs, Inventory including motors, trailers, panels & misc. parts, machinery, equipment and sport cabin, furniture and fixtures, database (3,000+) customer inquiries and existing client base, brochures, website and goodwill.

    This is great opportunity to expand an existing boat manufacturers product line or a startup line for a new manufacturer. The competition for this style of product is light with only a few manufacturers competing within this marketplace. The product has the potential to be marketed to boat and RV dealers as a crossover product, a gold mine for the right marketing minded owner.

    The manufacturing facility is available for sale as a separate transaction.

    Listed by: Commercial Realtor-Business Broker, Lonnie Bright of the Keyes Company # 682-472-4994 or www.lonniebright.com or email inquiries to lonniebright@keyes.com

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