Boat magazines, and how to publish an article in them.

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by zmfmd, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. zmfmd
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    zmfmd Junior Member

    Hi all,
    Anybody knows how to get a list of all the available boating magazines?..and whats the easiest way to publish an article in more than one magazine, (the same article that is)..
  2. rasorinc
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    rasorinc Senior Member

    Google probably can provide a list
  3. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    and develop a name/reputation for writing interesting articles or have a published book or three helps, then they ask you for an article.... :D

    Earn your reputation to get a better reputation - start in the little mags then if you are good enough you will be contacted....
  4. Ike
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    Having just written an article for a boating mag, (my first) it isn't as easy as it sounds. All magazines usually have a blurb somewhere in the magazine about submissions. If they have a web site the same info is usually on the web site. Follow the instructions to the letter. You may want to contact the editor and find out if there is any particular subject they are looking for. Generally they first want an outline, and then if they find that of interest, then a draft. Don't be surprised if they seriously edit the draft.

    Good luck
  5. Eric Sponberg
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    Eric Sponberg Senior Member

    Having written for a lot of yachting and boating magazines with a few new and reprints in foreign languages, I can offer a bit of advice.

    First, you have to have something interesting and useful to say, and it should match up with the appropriate publication.

    Second, yes, you have to know what publications, and the first step might be to go to a local news stand or market where a lot of magazines are on display. Do what searching you can over the internet. This may be difficult to determine all the magazines in other countries, but over time, you'll find them. Go to the masthead (page where the address, contact information, and all the staff are listed), and note the name of the "Managing Editor". When you have an article ready, or even if you have an idea for an article, send it to this person. This is the person that has probably the most control of day to day publishing operations for editorial copy (articles). If there is no Managing Editor listed, go up the list to "Executive Editor," then at the top is the "Editor," most likely. Do not bother with the "Publisher", publishers know very little about editing articles--they run the whole business of the magazine.

    Third, the editor will tell you how long the article should be and in what format to send it. Virtually all editors work by email these days. Most editors request articles between 1,000 and 3,000 words. See if you can keep it to that. A few, like Professional Boatbuilder, will frequently go longer.

    Fourth, you will generally get paid by the word and extra for graphics. Payment is usually on publication.

    Fifth, some magazines may buy first periodical rights for the country where they are located. But probably what is becoming the norm with our worldwide communications, most will buy first worldwide periodical rights. You may submit articles by the "shotgun" method--that is, send to all publications at once, and see who bites first. If you sell to more than one publication each with only country-wide periodical rights, then no notice is required in either publication as to where it is published first. If you sell to a publication that is buying worldwide rights, then you are required to ensure that any subsequent publication will print a notice in their magazine that the article was first published in "such and such" magazine.

    Sixth, it is usually up to you to negotiate with each and every magazine and you are completely free to negotiate your own terms for whatever fee you can get. The copyright for the article rests with the publication in where it is printed. The ownership of the text and graphics is yours.

    Seventh, the magazine obtains the right to edit the article to fit their "voice" and their space. Most magazines work with the authors approval on all changes so that you are pleased with the result. The more practice you have with writing articles, the easier it is to write for that magazine with the minimum of errors or changes.

    I once wrote an article on keel design for SAIL magazine, and then a German magazine wrote me a letter asking to publish it in their magazine. So I did not have to do any selling, but it was published in the German magazine and I got paid for it.

    Writing articles is a very satisying occupation. You get paid for your knowledge and you get to work with interesting people.

    Good luck. I hope that helps.

  6. Alik
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    Eric, good reply. To add:
    A. Magazine will probably submit the article to their experts for review. This specially concers technical aspects.
    B. Don't give up if there is no positive result at beginning. My first 2 articles have never been published, but now it has changed.
    C. Start with small and/or new magazines. They look for new authors.

  7. zmfmd
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    zmfmd Junior Member

    Thanks all for your input.
    Please check a new thread i just will explain why i asked my question in the first place. It seems that taking an idea to an invention phase to the innovation phase is quite difficult and full of obstacles...and i know when I'm in deep water and need assistance.
    Please take a look at these threads, to give you an idea abouts whats going on...your advice will be much appreciated.

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