boat kits (28-34 ft lobster boat and 38-46 ft Carolina style convertible)

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Albert Jr., May 18, 2013.

  1. Albert Jr.

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    Anyone knows of any DIY kits for a 28/34 ft lobster boat and a 38/46 ft Carolina style convertible ?
  2. Albert Jr.

    Albert Jr. Previous Member

    Anyone ???
  3. PAR
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    The simple answer is nope. Boat kits are generally geared for back yard projects and nothing about 28' to 46' yachts could be considered a back yard project.

    This said, you could have plans converted into cut files and have the stock CNC'd locally, which makes a kit of sorts. If it was me, I'd just have the station molds, CNC's and move on conventionally from there.
  4. 805gregg
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    Check out the Alaska Jumbo Skiffs, 28 ft would make a good lobster skiff
  5. Albert Jr.

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    Alright, do you know the website (I can't find it on google)
  6. Milehog
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  7. Albert Jr.

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