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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by OsirisLives, Jan 26, 2023.

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    Please help me ID this boat motor and trailer, i cant get to it these are only pics I can get and need to know what it is, how long it looks? the trailer what size wheels do i get for it? Thanx so much 318238857_5760789707321215_3228066962318475865_n.jpg 324900956_5936425646394300_3438087624143492241_n.jpg 326280190_5617769318339628_8727155755642681500_n.jpg 326534136_6148729751814177_1628666416996653445_n.jpg 326742921_5834779323273332_7478976660004475444_n (1).jpg 326742921_5834779323273332_7478976660004475444_n.jpg 326769800_5807404942646802_8267274157574579340_n.jpg 326865650_6085994631445607_7227828268508011129_n (1).jpg 327078999_6553721701322510_4761053998664523722_n.jpg 327103981_5713386495442505_2824995562205662947_n.jpg
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    It is an MFG. It looks around 16 feet, but is difficult to be accurate. The tires have the size printed on the side.
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