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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ccblast, May 14, 2005.

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    Hey everyone. I'm a newbe here and need some help. I have recently purchased a 1986 Chris Craft Commander 332 back in febuary and have been working on it ever since. My plan is an odd one at best but I personally feel that there isnt enough space on the deck for 6 people to fish. The other problem is at the intersection of the floor and the inside, I'm not sure of the technical words to use, but theres nowhere to stuff your feet when you hook into a large fish. I've considered extending the hull another 4 foot to give some much needed space. Theres also another reason to the extension, extending the shafts to reduce the angle of the props and allow me to run a 20" with the 330B's I'll be putting in later. I've thought about re-doing the whole cap with some newer lines and if I can find the right size, a modern curved windshield. The cabin was all wood and was not covered with anything but carpet, so much of it was rotted and has since been removed. My plans are as follows:

    Extension: Would like to add 4 feet so I can have more space for people and not eat up the cabin space. I'd like some peoples ideas and thought on this, if you've done it before or know of it being done.

    Stringers: These dont look well engineered so I was planning on building a grid system of atleast 1/4" thick all over and up to 3/8" thick and backed by wood from the engines on to the transom.

    Cap: Would like to use the original cap as a plug to add the extension and seperate the floor so the floor is the whole width of the boat minus a few inches. I'd also like to raise the main deck over the engines to allow better visiability for sighting fish and/or obstructions. Also to smooth out some lines and modify to fit newer windshield.

    Transom: Heres the major one. I need a large livewell right on the transom. I want a smooth bow at the inside of the transom with a large storage bin on one side and a door on other.

    Paint: I'm assuming here that before I put the cap back on and secure it, I'm thinking it'd be best to paint the exterior of the hull and the bottom and some gelcoat on the inside of the hull white for easy clean up in the engine compartment. I'd like to paint the exterior yellow. I've been fixed on that color for years when I first saw a 40' express pass us out in the gulf with a bright yellow hull and white cap.

    Exterior: If any of you every seen this boat up close, you'll know what I'm talking about here. The windows on the sides are in this recessed area thats part of the hull, along with the engine ventalation. I dont like it much so I'm thinking about filling it in to bring it out to the rest of the hull. Its about a 1/4" recess about several feet long. Also, for those of you that have not seen this boat, it doesnt have a flared bow. I think that be way to much to take on so its going to remain the same.

    Thats about all I can think off for now, I'd like to get this boat up to a more modern look of a sportfish/express cruiser that I'll probably have for the next 10+ years. I'd like some input form some of you guys and gals that might be able to steer me in the right direction and maybe even bring me something new that I havent thought of that might be of good use. I took this boat on as a small project but am turning it into a bigger project since I can see some potential for this boat. And to let all of you know, my flass skills are moderate to good. I can roll with no problem and have worked with fiberglass for a few years as a teen. Thanks for everyones help here, and if your in the west central florida area and want to come see what I've got, send me a e-mail at Thanks again..

    Bryan S.
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    Buy the boat that you actually want, and sell the old one. Extensive mods have an amazing way of eating up time and money. Hell, you could probably buy a brand new boat and still come out ahead, and I'm only half-joking.

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    True, I understand what and where your coming from. I got this boat cheap, it had cost me more to transport it than buying it and as of right now the only thing I really need to put it in the water is a pair of trannys. Its a complete boat minus engines and trannys and I have a pair of Cummins 330B's. Right now I have less than $8,000 in everything. Thats including the engines which had 600 hours on them and a buddy of mine works for Mastry Engines got them for me. I'm happy with the way it is but before I put anymore money into it, I'd like opinions. I got a friend that owns his own glass shop, STM, and can get me all the material at cost, since he buys in bulk, its cheap for me. The boat currently has 16x17 3 blade props and has a paint job less than a year old from what I was told. I can see myself in it over 10 feet away, its white. This is the largest boat I've ever own'd and have been able to afford. If I can do what I want and get it where I'd like and have less than $30,000, I'd be extremely happy. Its an awsome boat, the cabin has been its down fall and for some, that was to much. I dont plan to live on it but just need the cabin to be functional, overnighters in the middlegrounds. Oh and time isnt a problem, I've figured worst case a year from now.

    Its not that I couldnt afford a boat I want, its just as a machinist, income is very unpredicable. Some weeks we are so busy they want you to work 24/7, others they rather you work as few hours as you can. I make good money and been with my company since 99, we survived the 9-11 issues and since we are doing great, but it only takes one thing to bring this economy down and its back to paycheck to paycheck.

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    does anyone has a softcopy of "Seamanship" or some books on Naval Architecture?
    if u can please give me a copy. it will be grt..
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    Ok, I thought I'd get more info on here than anywhere else, so I just need to know if my approach is the right way in doing this. So here it goes...

    Last weekend we were out at the boat thinking this thru 100%, trying to make sure we get it straight and accurate as possible so the idea will be to prep the exterior of the hull about 5 foot from the transom. Wax'd out with some releasing agent and glass it all over and build it up thick with some wood. Before the mold is removed, we'll drill a 1/2" hole just on the underside of the flat on both sides. Then after the mold is removed, use a jig to locate off the 1/2" hole and drill the next 1/2" hole 4 foot back. This will align the mold to be exactly 4 feet. Before we attach the mold for the extension, we'll cut out the transom down low enough to use the original transom as a new bulk head. Then glass the extension in. I'll be using mostly bi-axle and 3 ounce mat. I'll build up a mini grid system for the extension and build up some additional material on the original transom to thru bolt it together for added safty. Then the new deck will go over and the cap will be extended as well. I have way more details but this is just half the process. Let me know what you think.. Thanks..

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