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    I am currently deisgning a small (26 feet) fishing vessel. I would like some expert opinion and analysis, and possibly CAD services. Can anyone recommend a reputable boat designer or firm in Texas. If it matter, I am located in Austin, TX.

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    You should be able to post advs. in U.T. and T. A&M for graduate student's response in Austin, College Station and Galvestion. In Houston area, there are architects and CAD personnels, architect firms, but mostly dealing with offshore work. Try Schuller and Allan, Hou. TX.
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    John Bludwoth shipyard in corpus christi Tx. You can contact Gasper or Matt @361 887-7981
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    dear sirs,

    good morning.

    i want a design for 51 fett luxury boat having all moden equipments and

    this is for an arabic company for whom i am working for. however, i
    need a commission on your charges. would you help me pls

    thanks and regards.
    phone; 011-971-50-5536150

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    ars-technica Naval Architect

    If your looking for design get a look to my web site and mail me
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